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Among Hills

A flexible solution for Rural Areas of China


By the approach of prefabricated movable architectural modules into the concept, we aim to create a flexible solution for villagers to activate their living environment all year around. It will be flexible enough for villagers' desirability, prefabricated for feasibility, and low-cost for viability.

Individual Work

Instructors: Yuhang Kong,

Shanchao Xin

Location: Louna, Guizhou, China

Building Area: 500㎡


Site Research ,Ideation, 3D Modelling, Prototyping, Visual Design, Rendering.


Excellent, Tianjin International Design Week Competition 2017


Nov - Dec, 2016 (Original Project)

Dec, 2018 (Refinement)


The Challenge

Louna Village locates in rural areas among mountains. The inconvenience of traffic and low level of ecomomy make large-scale of construction extremely difficult in this area. Therefore, the application of mobile architecture in this village could bring a chance to satisfy different needs and limit the price of environment as little as possible. This project aims to create a flexible solution for villagers to activate their living environment all year around.


Design Outcome

In this project, the four masses incorporate three types of mobility methods in total. In the domitory and classroom parts, moveable furniture would be available for various activities during the summer camp. In the "tower", which includes a dinner hall on the ground floor and domitory upstairs, there are moveable facades. The last mass contains four sliding modules, which could be open or closed, could slide on the railways as a whole. With respect to the environment and climate of Louna Village, possibilities of experiencing the nature are provided for villagers and children.


Site Research

A Rural Village whose only entrance way is 300m wide.

Site Research
Copy of INTERN17.jpg

The site is located in Louna Village, southwest of the Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou in China, surrounded by mountains. There is only a long 300m long cave connecting to the outside world, therefore traffic is extremely inconvenient.

总图2000 2-0222.jpg

Adapting the Needs 

Three Types of Flexibility: Type A, B and C

Type A, B&C

To further adapt the module to meet the need of a community center, I come up with three types of flexibility: flexible furniture and moveable facade. Combining them together, the community center will be flexible for activities for villagers, children and tourists all year around.

Copy of INTERN17.jpg

Type A: Flexible Furniture

Copy of INTERN17.jpg

Moveable Furniture is equipped inside the domitory and classroom for different using scenarios in the community center. 

Type B: Movable Facade

Copy of INTERN17.jpg

Type B is mechenic moveable facade in the "tower". When the northeast side is opened downwards, it can create a 1.5-meter-high platform, which can be used as an outdoor rest platform or as a temporary stage for dummer camps. Sliding facade at the main entrance of the building opens the interior of the restaurant or public dining space.

Type C: Sliding Modules

Copy of INTERN17.jpg

One Combination

Type A + B + C

Type A+B+C

Combining flexibilities provided by the 3 types of mobility and 4 masses of space, this project trys to make a difference to the village by providing people with possibilities of meeting the various demand of the village.


View at the plaza in front of the tower.
The facade is open to be terrace.

View from the open field around 
the children activity center. 

The modules are open! They are moved 
on the rails to shape the space.

The modules are closed and connected 
with each other to form interior space.

The four masses divides the exterior space into several parts and provides possibilities for different activies for different courses or workshops of the summer camp.


The four masses divides the exterior space into several parts and provides possibilities for different activies for different courses or workshops of the summer camp.


One module moving on the rails embedded in the site.


Even after twenty years, perhaps this community center would need a transformation to be homes of two families, the flexibilities would still benefit people. The two families could feel free to choose one of the classroom areas and domitory areas as their private building and share the other two masses for some overlapped needs, such as dinner hall, family rooms, living rooms and so on. The diverse spacial possibilities would still work to satisfy different needs.

More Possibilities

(Group Work with Xuerui Wang, Yining Bei)

More Possibilities

Capsules in the Field

Reimagining the future of villages in Louna, we could see architectural modules change activate rural areas like “acupuncture“. Since the capsules we proposed is lightweight, easy to transport and build, villagers could apply the fabricated modules in defferent seasons of a year and meed different needs with various combinations. Under various circumstances, like busy farming season, peak travel period, and emergency, the increased or decreased modules could be flexibly changed at low costs.

Copy of INTERN17.jpg
Copy of INTERN17.jpg

Finally, a gallery of the handcrafted models photos!

Photos of Physical Models
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