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Innovation Hall

Center for Integrative Design and Digital Construction

The project task is to design a new research building for the campus of the University of California, Berkeley. The mission of the new Center for Integrative Design and Digital Construction is to revolutionize architecture through the seamless combination of fundamental research, digital technologies, and physical building processes. 


Sep - Dec, 2020

Instructor Simon Schleicher

Collaborator Yunyi Chen

Location UC Berkeley Campus


Located next to the College of Environmental Design (CED), the new Center for Integrative Design and Digital Construction will provide an inspiring, flexible environment that advances the Center’s important mission. To address the need for teaching spaces, the building will offer 2 flexible classrooms and 1 double-space lecture hall that can be easily adapted for gatherings of 120-150 people. At its core, however, the building will feature a range of research spaces that foster creative, interdisciplinary collaboration. More precisely, the building will host 3 permanent labs, 2 flexible labs for short-term research projects and teams, and a series of smaller, supporting fabrication shops with specialized equipment. The three permanent labs will be comprised of an AR/VR Lab for mixed-reality design explorations, a Biomaterials Lab, and a double-space Robotic Construction Lab that enables large-scale prototyping and testing.

Innovation Hall


Site Strategy


As our site is next to the Wurster Hall , which is characterized by its courtyard surrounded by building. Our project is aimed to respect this form and create a new courtyard on our site connecting Wurster.


1st floor


2nd floor


1st floor


2nd floor



As we envision the H-shape building as a new innovation hub on campus, we try to foster the communication among multiple research groups by creating a series outdoor communication spaces, the central space of which is called Innovation Plaza shaped by the three volumes.


View of Innovation Plaza

When there are activities in the plaza, the hanger doors of labs on the both sides can be open and balcony can be used as grandstands. People from different research groups would gather here for communication. Students would visit the innovation plaza to learn the amazing research projects developed in this building.

flexible space-final.jpg

Technical Design

Floor Plans

first floor02.jpg

First Floor Plan

second floor02.jpg

Second Floor Plan

Third Floor 02.jpg

Third Floor Plan

On the first floor, labs are located in the south and north arms next to the innovation plaza, service function such as storage, mechanical room, fabrication shop and toilets are in the underground part.

On the second floor, we have classroom next to the innovation plaza. The corridor and balconies are designed for the view to the plaza. The pitch space is at the center of the top volume. 

On the third floor, we have lecture hall and flexible classroom at the two edges of the middle volume. On the rooftop, the outdoor flexible space are for exhibition, events and daily outdoor collaboration. 

Structure and Facade System


Our facade system consists of two types: the facade of top bar consists of timber fins, protecting the indoors from direct sunshine. The bottom facade are characterized by hangar doors with porous aluminum plates to provide shading for the indoor research labs or classrooms and create the opportunities for communication to the plaza. 

Our structure system includes shear walls and steel structure. We have shear walls on the first and second floors for our lateral system. Then we have steel trusses connected by steel beams to support the floor slabs and roof. Besides, we have small beams between the main structure, connecting the skylight and ceiling.

Detail Section

facade section.jpg
section detail.jpg

Ventilation, Lighting, Heating/Cooling System

perspective section-render-final.jpg

The skylight provides natural lighting for the central pitch room. The natural ventilation comes in from facade windows and goes away through skylight. For heating/ cooling system, the heated air comes from the gap under the stairs in the big central pitch area; in the small rooms such as classrooms and meeting rooms, radiation heating are applied.

Render of Entrance

parking entrance.jpg

Welcome to Innovation Hall!

This is the end of this project.

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