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Selected Academic Works 2016-2019


Transparency reveals the contradiction of space between the overlapping ascription of different systems and brings different stratification interpretation possibilities in both space and time. Exploring further about transparency would be bound to create representation of designers of the space and turn architecture into an adaptive, educative and coherent existence, both the physical characteristics and the invisible implications of which would make a world of difference. 
In my projects, I attempt to translate my evolving understanding of transparency on spacial systems, on the relationship of programs and on the term of time into spacial experience in architecture. The contradiction between fact and implication is emphasized to  stimulate new interpretation of space superimposition based on physical facts. 

1. Factory Diamond Design Center       

Factory Innovation in Tianjin, China | May 2018 | Group Work Individually Revised | Collaborater: Jun Wang

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2. Reconcile 

Library in Barcelona, Spain | Sep-Dec 2018 | Individual Work 

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3. Among Mountains

Children Activity Center in Louna, Guizhou, China | Nov 2016 | Individual Work 

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4. Museum of Mona Hatoum

Art Museum in Tianjin, China | Sep-Oct 2016 | Individual Work 

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