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Lived in Beijing, Barcelona,
San Francisco and Miami.
Currently in New York City!
I am a designer who dreams
of making a difference
through design.


How I Got Here

Architecture -> UX Design


There are lots of mythologies surrounding Gen Z, but how I see my generation is as seeking innovative ways to create meaningful changes in the social, climate, and political spheres. As a young person who dreams of making a difference in the world through design, I’m passionate about solving problems for a better user experience, especially iterating design based on user feedback. In architecture, iteration on a building is usually slow. But as an impact-driven designer, I enjoy the process of fast iteration because it helps me feel the impact that I am creating and therefore brings me a sense of achievement. So I pivoted my design interest from architecture to UX design 3 years ago.

Fledgling entrepreneur @Nimble Spaces


I am also an entrepreneur curious about exploring unfamiliar grounds for innovative design solutions. During the pandemic, I launched a startup with a group of Berkeley graduate students. As startup founders, we each wear multiple hats. With my UX design knowledge, my role was to keep in regular communication with our pilot location client to learn about her feedback for iteration. In addition to product design, I created a volunteer program and recruited six Berkeley students as volunteers to build the parklet and support local businesses with us together.

For me, this was a precious learning experience beginning with user research and eventually involving me in client negotiation and project implementation. On the business side, I had to skill up in terms of social media marketing and business strategy. Going forward, I believe that this kind of doubled experience, as a designer, and an entrepreneur, will help me to be a better colleague and a better innovator. 

Life beyond the office

I enjoy making coffee, creating cute latte patterns, cooking, baking,

and visiting new restaurants!