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Outfit Club

A Highly Personalized Digital Shopping Experience


Yifeng Wang


Feb - May, 2021

My Contribution

Interviews, research, ideation, low-fi & hi-fi prototype, user testing, iteration


Customers find it difficult to search for
the perfect clothes online.

Slide 16_9 - 1 (1).png

“Why it looks so different

on me!”

Slide 16_9 - 2.png

"Which one

should I purchase?"

Shopping for outfits online should be an inspiring and fun process. But without a proper tool, you may not be able to find your ideal outfits even after spending lots of time, money, and energy.

Why this is hard?

Painpoint 1

Uncertain about how it will 
look like on the person

“Why I look so different in this dress from what I imagined???”

- Lucy

Frame 264.png

Painpoint 2

Clothes purchased online
don't fit individual's figure

“I hope this dress could be a little bit shorter and available in navy blue.”

- Gigon

Frame 264.png

Painpoint 3

Too many options but no one looks exactly what I want

“What frustrates me most is that I spend so long time finding the perfect style, and then it doesn’t have my size...”

- Jenny

Frame 264.png

Reinvent Online Shopping Experience with an avatar

Frame 265 (1).png

Imagine this is you for now ;)

See an exciting new style, but not sure how it looks on yourself? Now your face can be shown on all the clothes that you browse through the posts of your friends, the brands, and even the influencers that you like.

Clothing size data from manufacturers and AI-backed image manipulation will guarantee that the sizes of the clothes are accurate to your figure.


Wish the clothes you just found is available in another color or is a bit longer? You can customize the color, size, and fit it the way you want in your virtual try-on room.

The outfit you customized on your avatar will be the base for product shopping link search enabled by the image search engine.

Finding an attractive outfit may cause a headache after you finally figure out what you want because you have to browse multiple websites to find the exact item! With Outfit Club, you just need to tap the item and the one that matches most will show up with the best price, or fast arrival time.

By connecting to numerous shopping websites and brand stores, outfit club can do all the searches with just a click and give you the best options to purchase instantly.

Images as Shopping Filters

See Yourself on Every Post

Tailor Try-On with Avatar



Understand the current broken online shopping experience

Who are affected?

Young Buyers Aged 18 to 34

(Millenials + Gen Z)

Customers (1).png

“Clothes on influencers always look good. But it always looks very different on me.”

They are willing to spend money on technology,
prefer personalized shopping experiences, and
expect good value for their money.

1. How the clothes will look on themselves
2. How comfortable are the clothes
3. If they are shopping for the best deal online

Customers' Top 3 Concerns

Stakeholders are also affected

Fashion Influencer & Outfit Retailers

Frame 277.png
Frame 270.png

Decide which dress to purchase among 20 options
for her MBA graduation party

Existing Online Shopping Scenarios

Frame 271 (3).png


Evaluation pain causes purchase hesitation

Slide 16_9 - 6.png

If we compare the current online shopping journey with the traditional shopping journey in physical stores – the alternative evaluation in traditional shopping is to try on clothes in the fitting room and touch the material to make a decision – this step is missing on current online shopping experiences.


Key Insights

Alternative evaluation is complicated

Customers have different try-on scenarios compared with fashion images online.

Users want outfits that adapt to their unique body shapes.

It’s hard to search outfits visually with text-based filters on current online shopping platforms.

Let's focus on alternative evaluation

HMW help online shoppers visualize their try-on looks and evaluate if the outfits fit them well?

HMW help online shoppers to visualize the try on looks?

HMW help customers find outfits that fit their body shape well?

HMW help customers to search for ideal items to purchase?



Reinvent digital shopping experience 

Top Ideas
Frame 282.png
Outfit Club Scenarios
Storyboard (2).png
Technical Feasibility Exploration

3D Scan


AI Image Manipulation

Image Search

3D scan with a phone:
2D clothing try-on, Zeekit (source:, 0:29 - 0:39)

User Flow
Critical User Journey.png
User Flow

Final Design & Iteration

A Highly Personalized Digital Shopping Experience

Final Design & Iteration
Frame 272.png

Onboarding: Build an avatar

“Build an avatar that can try clothes for me!”


Simplify Avatar Building Process

Slide 16_9 - 28 (6).png
Frame 272.png

“Wow, my imagination shows here!”

Feed: Browse with your avatar


Expand Avatar into Feed


Test 1: Switch on
"avatar mode"

Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 4.57 2.png

Test 2: What icon
should be the button?


Test 3: Add motions to show
the magic

Add "Try-on Bag" On Feed

Slide 16_9 - 30 (3).png
Frame 272.png

Tailor try-on with avatar

“Let me create perfect outfits for myself!”


The Evolution of Virtual Try-on Room

Slide 16_9 - 19 (5).png

Outfits as Shopping Filters

“Show me what to purchase!”

Frame 280.png

User Tests & Iteration Summary

  1. Low-fi: to validate the concept of avatar try-on & edit
  2. Hi-fi: to identify usability problems in the critical user journey 
  3. Hi-fi: to collect feedback on interaction design
pic 2.jpg
Frame 279 (3).png
Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Exploratory & Goal-oriented Shoppers - Based on user research on buying behaviors, we divided our target user group into exploratory shoppers and goal-oriented shoppers. Given the time constraints, we didn’t research and design respectively on the two groups of shoppers. Our current solution focused on exploratory shoppers because exploratory shoppers are more likely to hesitate in purchasing compared with goal-oriented shoppers. Customers who are shopping for a specific scenario, will need recommendations while browsing. Fashion suggestions or feedback might also be helpful. I’m sure we will get more insightful findings with further user testing to improve goal-oriented shopping. 

User Tests with Male Users - We did 3 rounds of user tests before we wrapped up in May and I learned so much from users to make the online shopping experience consistent. If we had more time, I would definitely do more user testing with male users in our high-fidelity prototypes to collect feedback from a broader audience.

Business Data Dashboard - After our research on stakeholders, we came up with the idea to provide customer shopping data to fashion retailers for business insights. For the to-B part of Outfit Club, we imagine a business data dashboard to visualize the data for retailers. We didn't start this to-B part due to time constraints, but this would be a good start for the future development of Outfit Club.

Group 99.png

Thank you!

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